How to pay by a bank card?

How to pay by a bank card

To pay by cash, bank cards or credit cards, you need to have a debit or credit card. If you have no bank card, you can pay for your rental accommodation, including your food, by using an ATM or other debit machine.

The money you withdraw is not used to cover your deposit or any other charges such as taxes and charges, so it is very important to make sure you always have enough money in your account for the next few days and the following weeks. It is also advisable to pay by credit card as banks have a higher limit for their debit and credit card payments.

Credit cards have different benefits. First, they are accepted at most stores and restaurants and are much cheaper than other ways of paying. You can buy all kinds of items including electronics and medicines without the need for an account or a receipt. Your credit card is your proof of payment, so if you forget your card, the money will not go missing. You can also add money to your card to cover other expenses such as buying a hotel room, buying groceries 

How to pay by a bank card via PayPal

You can pay securely or through your credit card via PayPal; the only issue that concerns us at this time is that it will not be accepted from our customers and PayPal has no mechanism for verifying such transactions.

Note: This update will apply to PayPal-initiated payments until October 2015.

*As of January 2015, you can pay your bills via PayPal even if you have a bank account. Please check with your merchant before using PayPal to make sure they accept PayPal payment by check, MasterCard, Visa, or Discover, as your payment method.

When you use a debit card you can also pay using PayPal. If your merchant limits the number of transactions your card can make, you will still be limited to 100 transactions per month. Please check with your merchant before using Bitcoin.

You can also pay your bills with cash and Western Union, as we will no longer accept debit card payments from PayPal. These payments will be made from a Western Union account and must be in a money-sized envelope.

How to pay by a bank card
How to pay by a bank card


How to pay by a bank card

1. Go to the bank’s website

2. Register for an online banking account

3. Select the money transfer account

4. Enter the card details and verify the card number

5. After you finish your transaction, log back into your account and verify the amount paid. If you didn’t pay before, the amount you paid on the card is now refunded

6. If you paid the money transfer amount before, you should be able to log into your account with the amount already paid to you.

7. If the bank account does not have the money transfer feature, you should contact the bank directly.

Why can’t I transfer money to someone in my name using a bank account?

You can use a bank account to pay someone but only as a secondary payment option. If you need to transfer money as a primary payment option, you will need to use a bank account or a debit/credit card to pay.

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